“Discover The 5 Steps Formula to Attract More Money, Better Health and Loving Relationships In Your Life... Starting Today!”

Even if you’re new to the Law of Attraction or failed with it in the past.

Bonuses Worth ₹11,000+

What You’ll Get Inside The Workshop?


1. Uncovering the Science behind Manifestation.

2. Understanding the Law of Vibration.

3. Understanding the Law of Attraction.

4. Why Law of Attraction is not working for you ?


5. Learn How to raise your Vibration to attract What you want.

6. Learn How to release negative energy.

7. Live meditation to Release negativity and Tap into the abundance energy.

8. 5 Steps to Permanent Transformation.

What You'll Learn in Law Of Attraction 2 Days Workshop?

100% clarity of the science behind the law of attraction. So you can actually get all that you desire.

4 mistakes you need to avoid. So that you don’t get stuck and waste a lot of time on stuff which doesn’t actually work

Tried and tested method to raise your vibrations and match the frequency of your desires.

Understanding your subconscious patterns. Your success depends on you.  And you are only the same, what your Subconscious mind is.

Which will answer and solve every possible doubt of yours

Learn the missing 5 step formula to apply the Law of Attraction the way it was always meant to be.


I am a different person now


Pratyush Sir is a magician and I can guarantee, you will see a new you.


I knew about the LOA but not like this..highly recommend it.


Thank you so much for helping us to achieve our dreams


Here What Results You Will See After Join Workshop

Here What Results You Will See After Join Workshop


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At the end of the training, I’ll be making an offer for people who want to have access to a platform that will help implement what they learn on the training and more. This is completely optional. The training lasts about 90 minutes and if you don’t want the platform, you can leave without buying anything. The training will be holding nothing back and you’ll be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.

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